Join us for the maiden voyage of the newly christened
White Cat at Bay Area Renaissance Festival at Mosi.
The Launching of the Rescue Express on March 12, 2007

White Cat's new Sign Inspection

BeahSidhe would tell you we Mutinied (if she weren't stranded!)


Pirate Weekend...notice the cat ears on the Pirate Skull and Cross Bones???

Notice the Watchful Eyes of the Cattain???

Uh...oh...looks like someone else better be watching now...

Ah...our trusty First-Cat Beethoven has assumed the watch...

Land Ho???

Land? Naw...that's just Faire Dirt...


The Rescue Express was created and launched as the Flag Ship for Candy's Cats Inc.
A 501c3 Corporation rescuing abandoned Cats and Kittens in the Central Florida area.
We had a Donation Mug which went directly to CCI.
We immediately took the mug down when we were requested to by the faire staff.

The original sign is below...

  Beethoven passed December 10, 2013.
He enjoyed several years of Faires and lived 4 years longer
than he would have if we had listened
to the vet who told us it was time to "Let Him Go."

Amadeus is still doing well but he doesn't like the festivals any longer.

He was happy to give the ship to The Dred Pirate Morrighan
who has been sailing it since her first run in April 2011
and continuing to this day!!!